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Retreats & Workshops

Retreat is a time dedicated to stepping away from the hurriedness of life and finding clarity and rejuvenation. It is also a time of deepening our spiritual practice and connecting with others along the path. I have found retreats to be an essential aspect of my practice and within them have found both insight and inspiration. Being on retreat offers us a safe and supportive climate for transformation and healing to occur.

Workshops can likewise provide an in-depth exploration into the gifts of Yoga and a deepening understanding of the foundations of a mature practice.

The following is a list of Scott's upcoming retreats and workshops: 

Heal the Heart, Calm the Mind
A Self Rejuvenation Retreat 
W/ Scott Feinberg & Russill Paul
May 15-20 at The Omega Institute
In Rhinebeck, NY

Devotional chanting and mantra, when combined with yoga practice, can produce extraordinary states of consciousness and deep healing, and help restore our body, mind, and spirit to exceptional levels.

In this 5-day retreat, musician, teacher, and mantra master Russill Paul and acclaimed yoga teacher Scott Feinberg show us new ways of integrating mantra and sound into our yoga and meditation practice, deepening and enhancing it in powerful ways. 

The focus is to provide each of us with a profoundly healing and restorative experience so that we can release accumulated stress and find deep inner peace.

During this retreat you experience:
Guided yoga sessions faciliated with live music sound beds, including mantra
Extended pranayama and meditation practice with mantras to quiet the mind
Devotional singing and chanting to move energy in the body and heal the chakras
Chanting of mantras for healing, meditation, and spiritual enlightenment
Mantra practice combined with yoga practice to release stress
Yogic practices combined with chanting to overcome anxiety and depression
All levels of yoga practitioners and mantra-kirtan enthusiasts are welcome. For more information including schedule, tuition and to reserve your space, please visit:




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