Transcend Yoga...Blending Insight with Activism
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Teaching Schedule

"Asana Practice is not about using your body to get into the pose. It is about using the pose to get into your body."  

Each yoga practice presents an opportunity to re-connect with your body, enhance your flow of vital energy, explore your edge mindfully, and find stillness of spirit. Practices are taught in a supportive, non-competitive nature and are open to all levels of practitioners. All classes are 75 - 90 minutes.  (

Tuesday: Wake Up Slow 8:30am @ Kula Yoga Shala in Jupiter

Wednesday:  Mind Body Breath 5pm @ Kula Yoga Shala in Jupiter

Thursday:  Yin Yoga 5:30pm @ Kula Yoga Shala in Jupiter 

Friday:  Yin Yang Fusion 9am @ Kula Yoga Shala in Jupiter

Saturday: Mind Body Breath 8am @ Kula Yoga Shala in Jupiter

Class Descriptions

Yin Yoga: The yin style blends yoga asanas with taoist meridian theory and mindfulness meditation techniques. Postures are held in the range of 3-5 minutes with muscles relaxed to target the connective tissue and organ systems. This slower form allows the asanas to be experienced as containers for self inquiry through a gradual subtleizing of attention as the practice opens into deeper layers of interiority.

Wake Up Slow: In this peaceful morning wake up practice, emphasis is placed upon slowly awakening the body and subtle energy system through gentle stretches and mindful awareness of the breath. Ample time is given to clear morning stagnation from the joints and connective tissues while carving an entrance into your day that will leave you feeling refreshed, centered and ready to embrace the day with a clear mind. This is an all levels practice.

Yin Yang Fusion: Designed to train up both our active and receptive modes of being. More rajasic or "type a" people will be met where they are while also beginning to develop techniques for slowing down and introspection. More tamasic or "mellow" people will also be met where they are while also beginning to develop techniques for enlivening their system. The practice  offers  people of both constitutions a more sattvic, or balanced practice leaving them in a state of energized clarity and centeredness.

Mind Body Breath: This practice will invoke a true state of inner peace through pranayama, the yogic practice of breath control, which is the connector and regulator of the mind and the body. Gentle, restorative asanas and guided meditation are integrated with the cleansing and calming effect of pranayama and allow the mind to become still, creating a general feeling of well-being for the practitioner.

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